Friday, August 17, 2012

P3D for Viewing 3D Models

So recently I ran into this awesome online 3D model viewer called P3D. With their service, you can upload a model of your creation, and let others manipulate it through a web browser! No, it's not FLASH, no it's not a plugin - it's just pure BROWSER! WOWZERS! To top it all off, the service is completely free!

Click and drag over the model!

So far, I've experienced NO hiccups with this app. I only suggest leaving the "Toggle Subdivide Surface" button alone for models with high polys like Minitaur (created in Sculptris - yet another FREE masterpiece worth downloading and playing with). He has 152,262 faces so I implore you NOT to press it.

The program supports Diffuse, Normal, and Specular maps too! You can toggle between different shaders by using the buttons on the left. Minitaur has no maps on him, but you can view his wireframe-shader, and see his outrageous underlying Sculptris geometry.

Have fun uploading your models, and if you do, post a preview here to share!

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