Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cupcake Scene [ 3D frosting tutorial ] [ cycles ]

This is my first render of the cupcakes - can you see all 5?

Cupcake Modeling
Here I am making a scene with cute & precious cupcakes. The kind I don't really like because they're soooooo flippin sweet. I also modeled the sprinkles, spoon, and 2 plates.

The most difficult part was modeling the helix-like frosting top. I ended up starting with a 12-sided cylinder (triangulated caps) this makes a 6-pointed ribbon,  pushed in every other edge, thew on a "subsurface" modifier, then a "simple deform" modifier set to "twist". I then went into edit mode and manually tapered the ends by turning on proportional editing (O-key) selecting the top-most vertex, scaling (S-key) with the fall-off radius adjusted rather large (MMW while in scale mode).Then I created a bezier circle and applied it to a "curve" modifier, so that the frosting laid in a sort of loop. Then a tweaked the curve in edit mode, until it looked alright. Finally I applied all modifiers but the "subdivision surface" one, then eliminated the clipping and adjusted the shape by manually tweaking in edit mode.

The shorter softer twisted tops were easier. I just created a shorter 6-side ribbon, applied a "subsurface" modifier, tapered by scaling the top vertex with proportional editing turned on, went into edit mode from the top view, then rotated the top vertex with proportional editing turned on. I then used smooth a couple times to get it round and soft (W-key menu), and scaled/ shaped to my liking.

If you want a more in-depth  video or image tutorial let me know, and I'll be happy to create a 3D frosting tutorial.

Learning Cycles
I'm also learning how to render in Blender cycles. It's amazingly elegant and simple to use - I've fallen in love. I'm not so much in love with waiting for a noiseless render to pass, but I'm infatuated with the endless potential, and thinking of future possibilities.


  1. porfa has el tuto estohaciendo una actividad de la universidad y tengo que hacer un cupcake por favor

    1. I can make the cupcake tutorial on Tuesday. I hope it will help you! Mi espnol es mal, pero... Puedo hacer en Martes :)