Monday, June 20, 2011

My Blender Beginner Resources

Starting off, I was very tentative.  I didn't understand how I was going to be able to create 3D objects on a 2D screen.  I thought modeling would be super technical and complicated, but once I got used to navigating the view and using the basic tools, I discovered that it was surprisingly simple.  I could write some tutorials on the basics, but it would be super redundant seeing that there are great resources out there already. Video Tutorials
As I said before, I started Blender with little to no previous knowledge or experience with 3D programs, so my first stop was the website. They have a listing of 7 video tutorials that will give you a basic introduction to Blender. Blender (2.5) 3D Design Course
This is a free course that teaches Blender from square one and is probably one of the best recourses I've found.
There are links to great videos and he has lists of projects that you can do. Two very helpful videos in Unit 2 were about rotation, pivot points, and center points :

Peter's Massive Blender Tutorial

Peter's Massive Blender Tutorial is a kick-ass 9-part Youtube tutorial series by PXstriker that teaches you his method of modeling low poly characters. I suggest getting comfortable with some basic controls first - he goes a bit fast.

Chapter 1 - Blender Basics (basic commands)

Chapter 2-1 - "Modeling" (setup mirror modeling & model the body)
Chapter 2-2 -  continued (arms & joints)
Chapter 3 - "Hands"
Chapter 4  - "Heads" (hair)
Chapter 5 - "Meshing the Meshes" (combining meshes / attaching)
Chapter 6 - "Texturing" (UV texture maps)
Chapter 7 - "Bones" (armature & animation)
Chapter 8 - "Rendering"

HotKeys Reference
Here is a great reference for hotkeys that's gotten me out of many a sticky situation:

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